Found superfast star flying through the Milky way


Six bullet stars that are carried at speeds reaching 2.5 million kilometers per hour through space, were likely ejected by the black hole of enormous size, located in the center of our galaxy, astronomers suggest. These celestial bodies are the first ultra-star known to scientists with the masses, who are close to the mass of our Sun.

When the "errant" double star (a system consisting of two stars gravitationally bound) gets in the vicinity of the black hole, it may happen that only one of the stars of the system will be swallowed by the black hole. The second component of the star system at the same time pushed a hole in the side of the outer edge of the galaxy, thus gaining considerable speed. It is thus in our galaxy there are itinerant ultra star.

Astronomers say that the new discovery will help them figure out the process of star formation in the core of our galaxy, the culling of our cosmic dust. In addition, it can help scientists assess more accurately the size of a giant black hole that lurks in the heart of the Milky Way.

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