NASA will be engaged in the improvement of the detection of asteroids


NASA, universities and private groups in the U.S. have started to work on the system warning of the approach of the asteroid, which will detect objects in space, such as those last week fell to the Russian territory.

The U.S. space agency noted that the phenomena, such as the one in which the glass broke and injured about 1,000 people in the Urals, are rare.

"We expect the effects of this magnitude on average, once in 100 years", - said Paul Chodas of NASA.

According to NASA, before you enter into the earth’s atmosphere over Russia, the weight of the asteroid was 10 tons, and the size in diameter of 17 meters.

Power of the explosion was 500, 000 tons of TNT.

On the same day, another asteroid 2012 DA14, was flying over the Earth, and in the event of a collision could destroy an entire city.

Ten years ago, NASA did not have the tools to identify asteroids like 2012 DA14.

According to experts around the Earth is flying a large number of objects, about half a million, the discovery of which hampered their relatively small size.

NASA has allocated $ 5 million for the project Atlas, which will detect objects with a diameter of 45 meters a week before the collision with our planet.

B612 Foundation is trying to raise funds in the amount of $ 450,000,000 for the purpose of sending Space Telescope into orbit around the sun, which will detect objects that are not visible by other means.


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