On the Sun formed a giant stain the size of our six planets


Giant sunspots size of at least six planets Earth, the Sun formed in less than 48 hours, according to NASA. Spots on the Sun - is the dark areas on the surface of the Sun, which appear due to the action of strong magnetic fields.

Large spots on the sun, which was formed during the Tuesday and Wednesday, quickly developed into an unstable form, and can lead to solar flares that can interrupt radio communications.

The agency NASA has found these huge spots with the help of instruments Solar Dynamics Observatory, which monitors the weather on the sun.

They have grown to six diameters of the Earth, but the actual size may be even more, because they are not on a flat disk, and on the field.

These spots are formed of a darker areas on the surface of the sun, which rapidly developed in the last few days.

The appearance of spots on the Sun due to intense magnetic activity, and their temperature is lower than the ambient surface of the sun, allowing you to distinguish them as dark spots on the photosphere.

These spots have completed the transition of our light in a more active phase of the 11-year solar cycle.

The increase in the release of energy during solar maximum, may affect the global climate, and recent studies have shown a correlation with regional weather conditions.

Solar cycle - a period of time, an average of 11 years, during which one gives way to the next solar maximum.

Large solar flares occur during maximum. For example, a solar storm in 1859, hit the ground with such force that the aurora was seen as far south, even in Rome.

Previous solar maximum was in 2000, and is next due in autumn 2013.

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