The new discovery casts doubt on the current theory of the origin of the moon


According to new research, common for a long time, the theory of the origin of the Moon requires revision.

A recent study showed that the water inside the moon was at an early stage of its existence. Scientists claim that this new information is contrary to the existing explanations of the origin of the Moon.

Exploring the samples collected during the Apollo missions, the research team from the University of Michigan has found evidence of past water inside the moon. Initially, the moon was composed mainly of molten matter, but eventually formed a crust, and our satellite has familiar look. It was found that the melt phase, Luna contains water.

Until now, most scientists agree with the theory that our natural satellite formed from debris from the collision of a small planet with Earth. According to this theory, the water on the moon was brought in after the solidification, the solar wind or small meteorites. A new study suggests that the moon contains water before hardening.

"As we explored some of the oldest rocks from the moon, then we can infer the presence of water at the stage of formation," - said Yuksyu Zhang of the University of Michigan.

The researchers found that the water content in the samples is 6 parts per million parts of water. It’s a lot less than in the driest deserts of the Earth, but is much higher than previous estimates, made in the old theory. According to the Michigan researchers in the lunar magma ocean water content of 320 parts per million parts of water.


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