Fault Dragon spacecraft will not prevent him to fly to the ISS


Problems with the engine at the Dragon spacecraft, carrying on board a large number of stocks for the International Space Station began shortly after the start. The team that controls the flight, was able to regain control, but was forced to postpone the date of arrival at the ISS.

Now Dragon ship delayed at least a day, and will arrive at the station until Sunday, as reported by the representatives of NASA and SpaceX.

"We’re definitely not going to force anything," - said the billionaire Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX. "We want to make sure that our actions are safe before you take them."

SpaceX company contracted by $ 1.6 billion from NASA, which stipulates holding 12 stocks deliveries to the ISS. This is the third delivery. The first flight of the Dragon in 2010 was a test.

In a previous flight in October, one of the nine boosters rocket Falcon shut down ahead of schedule. In this regard, the satellite was lost.

The company SpaceX intends to start delivering astronauts to the space station in the Dragon capsule in a few years.

Russia, Japan and Europe also make delivery, but only Dragon is able to deliver back to Earth any significant amount of weight. Other vehicles combusted when entering the atmosphere.

In accordance with the plan, the Dragon should hold the plant for about three weeks, and then descend by parachute into the Pacific Ocean, with a lot of medical samples, plant, equipment and other things.

The next launch of the Dragon will be made in the autumn of this year.

Original: Phys.org

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