Object properties depend on the structure of the microworld Multiverse


Is there a multiverse consisting of many universes? What is its structural organization? These issues are beyond the scope of experimental studies and is generally considered to be rhetorical, do not affect the concept of theoretical physics. In an alternative article, "The structure of matter in the Multiverse", published in the journal "Problems of modern science and education" (p. 48), it is proved that the conditions of formation and interaction of microparticles depend on the structure of the multiverse. By modeling the processes of self-development of matter can connect the phenomena of macro and micro levels.

Construction of a new theory of evolution, which established the order of micro structuring, clarified their classification, revealed the dissipative nature of gravity and its role in the implementation of strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions, predicted the existence of previously unknown processes that ensure the transformation of energy in the quark-gluon plasma, and its neutron shell. This eliminates the physics of a number of unresolved conflicts, simplifies its methodology.

By Marc Katzenberg

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