Rare zodiacal light will soon appear in the night sky


A rare phenomenon called "zodiacal light", will appear soon in the sky. The weak glow of tiny dust particles from the solar system, which extends along the ecliptic, in the Zodiac, is difficult to observe.

Proper selection of the conditions of observation may allow many amateur astronomers to see in the night sky dim glow of interplanetary dust.

Causing the appearance of the zodiacal light particles are so small that they even consider using a telescope impossible. Therefore, this phenomenon needs to admire the naked eye, putting aside all optical instruments.

Watch The zodiacal light can be only a few windows in the year due to the fact that it requires the complete absence of the moon in the sky, and the perpendicular arrangement of the ecliptic to the horizon. The most successful period of observation will be the closest couple of weeks.

In the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year, the Milky Way in the night sky will be visible to the north-west, near the constellations Cygnus and Cassiopeia, and the next will be noticeable dim cone of the zodiacal light - one of the rarest astronomical events.

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