An asteroid the size of a meteorite Chelyabinsk flew past Earth


At 11:35 MSK asteroid 2013 EA, the size of which ranges from 5 to 17 m, flew close to the Earth. The nearest point of its trajectory has been removed from the center of the planet at 362,000 km, which is slightly less than the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

For the first time the object was discovered on March 1 Observatory Pan-STARRS-1, located in the Hawaiian Islands. Minor Planet Center of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory to collect and systematize observations of small bodies in the solar system has assigned the asteroid designation 2013 EA.

The object resembles in size Chelyabinsk meteorite, which came on February 15 in the Earth’s atmosphere, and then exploded over the Southern Urals. The diameter of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, according to scientists, was also 17 meters. Its destruction in the dense layers of the atmosphere triggered a shock wave that knocked out windows in many buildings and broken glass caused injury to thousands of people.

In the Solar System to date, found hundreds of thousands of asteroids. In the collision of an asteroid with the Earth can happen fire, earthquake or tsunami. According to some theories, past mass extinctions are precisely the result of the fall of the planet of the heavenly bodies. At the moment, according to NASA, is open for only about 10% of dangerous objects that might collide with our planet. They are constantly being monitored.

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