Astronomers have discovered an extremely rare triple quasar


By combining the data obtained from several telescopes and advanced modeling, an international team of astronomers discovered a very rare triple quasar system - the second such object ever discovered.

Quasars - are powerful sources of energy that are at the center of galaxies around black holes. Systems with multiple quasars are formed by the collision of galaxies and held a huge force of gravity.

The complexity of the detection systems triple quasar consists in distinguishing between several neighboring objects at astronomical distances from us.

The team created a model based on data from ESO observatories in Chile and the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain, which has allowed to discover this quasar QQQ J1519 +0627.

The light from the object flew a distance of 9 billion light-years away, which means that it was formed when the universe was only a third of the current.

Advanced analysis confirmed that the team really found three distant quasar energy source.


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