The third object in a binary system has baffled scientists


First Photo 2M0103 double planetary system has allowed the European astronomers to see the mysterious third object orbiting the two central stars. The photo was obtained using an infrared camera telescope VLT (a complex consisting of 4 separate 8.2-meter optical telescope) located in Chile.

According to scientists, the third object called 2MASS0103 (AB) b, so massive, that may well be not only the planet, but even the star of the class of brown dwarfs. Astronomers have not yet been able to determine in this binary system, the status of the third entity.

The mysterious third subject is 12.5 billion kilometers in orbit two suns. This is an impressive distance, which allowed unknown object formed 2MASS0103 (AB) b of the disk of gas and dust around the two central stars.

Object 2MASS0103 (AB) b, according to scientists, has a mass exceeding 12-14 times the mass of our Jupiter.

Philippe Delorme (Philippe Delorme), a planetary scientist at the University of Grenoble (France) said the following: "Imagine that the most massive planet may be a star, which is the lowest weight."

If this is indeed the planet, then, most likely, it was formed due to gravitational instability. Researchers have to be done in the search for the truth about the mysterious third object in a binary system 2M0103.

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