NASA will send a team of investigators to the asteroid


NASA plans to draw to a small asteroid moon, where it will be able to explore the astronauts.

Unmanned spacecraft grabs asteroid the size of 7.6 meters and a capacity of 450 metric tons in 2019. After that, a manned spacecraft Orion, currently being developed, will give him four astronauts who landed on him and learn in 2021.

According to Sen. Bill Nelson, the plan will accelerate the existing four-year program to deliver astronauts to an asteroid.

President Barack Obama plans to allocate $ 100 million to accelerate this mission, the budget for 2014, the approval of which will take place next week. The money will be used for the detection of suitable small asteroid.

Although there are thousands of asteroids suitable size, but a hitch is to detect such an asteroid will approach the Earth at the right time.

An asteroid the size of a 7 meter is not harmful to the earth, as the burn upon entering the atmosphere of our planet. Therefore, this mission is safe.

This program will help in the development of technology changes the trajectory of asteroids that pose a threat to Earth. Also, it will be a training session before sending astronauts to Mars in the 2030’s.


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