At Jupiter volcanoes "out of place"


Astronomers from the United States found oddities in the location of the famous volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io. Geological formations are not in the center of volcanic activity.

Volcanic activity on Io, according to a scientific theory called powerful action of Jupiter, his tidal forces heat the bowels of the satellite so that they literally poured out.

Planetary scientists from the University of Maryland in the study of volcanoes of Io, noticed the discrepancy of the theory they already have the data. After studying the map of the volcanic activity on the satellite, which was made up of geophysical in March 2012 by the U.S., they found the "epicenter" of volcanic activity. However, it was located far enough from the center, calculated using the previous models (50-60 degrees).

Center of volcanic activity on Io, calculated theoretically, as it turned out, does not coincide with reality. This indicates that volcanism on the satellite is due not only to the tidal forces. Another possible reason for this - the presence of an internal ocean of magma enormous size, hidden beneath the surface of Io. To what extent are these assumptions are shown by further research.

"The shift in the location of volcanoes to the east side is very unexpected for us. This shows the gaps in our knowledge of Io., We can say that this is the main result. Our understanding of the tidal heating and its connection with surface volcanism, not quite . While we can not explain the presence of such deviation and other statistical trends, but I think that we have put a number of new questions, and that’s good, "- said Chris Hamilton, a researcher from the University of Maryland.

Io, as it is known, is one of the four satellites of Jupiter, which were discovered by Galileo Galilei. It is believed that the solar system is the only place other than Earth where there are volcanoes erupting, sometimes throwing fountains of lava to a height of 400 km. Io’s surface since such an incredible volcanic activity every million years completely changed.

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