The atmosphere of Mars in the past resembled Earth


Scientists have found evidence that the atmosphere of Mars in the past was much denser than today. At the moment, the atmosphere of the red planet extremely exhausted: only 1% of the density of Earth’s atmosphere at sea level. But a new study, it was not always.

At the last meeting in Vienna of the European Geosciences Union, researchers announced the discovery rover Curiosity strong evidence that the original atmosphere of Mars went into space in the distant past.

The analyzer samples the rover analyzed a sample of the atmosphere at last week revealed the presence of light isotopes of argon.

"We have found the most compelling and irrefutable evidence of a loss of the Martian atmosphere," - said Sushil Atreya of the University of Michigan.

According to scientists, the atmosphere was due to the loss of large amounts of gas leakage into space. The reason for this lack of researchers called the global magnetic field that holds the atoms and molecules in their place. The atmosphere is blown away by the solar wind from the upper layers of the atmosphere.

A denser atmosphere is a necessary condition for the existence of water in the liquid state on the surface of the planet. And the presence of water is a prerequisite for the development of life.

Currently, the air pressure is so low that water on the surface almost instantly evaporates.


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