The budget of the new Russian space program will be $ 50 billion


On the day of noisy celebrations in honor of the Day of Cosmonautics, President Vladimir Putin announced a new multi-year plan for the development of the space sector of the country, which will last until 2020. Allocated to it means $ 1.6 trillion rubles (more than $ 50 billion). Underscoring the rich heritage of Russia in the engineering and aerospace fields, Putin noted that this branch can be a tool for economic competitiveness, and to maintain its leading position as a space power.

Having visited the construction site of the new spaceport, Putin said that these funds will be used to modernize outdated missiles and equipment, promoting the development and acquisition of domestic components, and to achieve the level of advanced countries in the field of unmanned space exploration. He suggested that coincides with the opinion of the American astrophysicist Neil Degrassi Tyson, according to which these funds will give impetus to the development of a whole galaxy of other industries, in addition to the space, ranging from medicine and transport to telecommunications and defense systems.


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