NASA is preparing a mission to search for aliens


The Americans plan to launch a satellite in 2017 to a potentially habitable planets. This statement was made by representatives of the U.S. space agency. In the creation of a new unit attended Google and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Transiting exoplanets research satellite or reduced TESS - acronym for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite - equipped with scanning technology, which is similar to the one at the telescope Kepler, whose purpose is to search for habitable planets. Exploring the celestial bodies, located near the habitable zone, the system determines their size, brightness, shape, type and density.

Kepler, as it is known, has helped scientists discover 2,700 potential exoplanets.

Also spacecraft will analyze the TESS coming from the surrounding celestial bodies X-rays.

"The satellite will first transit in space research. We will strive to increase 400-fold coverage. We hope that our scanners will record at least a thousand new planets, but we will give an advantage to those that are comparable in size to the Earth, "- said in a statement the chief investigator from the Massachusetts Institute of TESS.

The report also says that the TESS equip a special apparatus by which it will measure the X-ray emission of neutron stars. These data were then compared with the experts will analyze the surface of other nearby planets.

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