To Mars and back in 30 days on a thermonuclear rocket


The energy source of the Sun and other active stars, nuclear fusion, the future can be used to take people to Mars and back in just 30 days, the researchers report.

Rockets on nuclear fusion offer great opportunities to explore the depths of space, which are not yet subject to the person because of the high cost of health risks and the duration of the flight. Scientists from the University of Washington and MSNW company stated that they are getting closer approach to the creation of an effective means of traveling to other planets.

"By using existing rocket propellants, is almost impossible to explore remote regions of the earth," - said John Slouh, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics. "We hope to develop a much more powerful source of energy that will one day make the interplanetary journey of everyday reality."

According to previous calculations, the flight to Mars and back would require finding in space for 500 days. Scientists have calculated that the thermonuclear missile will reduce the time for such an expedition to Mars to 30-90 days.

The next step will be the teams work to integrate all isolated tests that have been successfully carried out by them in one final experiment to create a fusion energy source.


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