The Higgs boson will destroy the universe


The Higgs boson, or so-called divine spark did not inspire confidence in scientists. Until some time in the distant cosmos, researchers do not know exactly, does the fact that particle. So long future vast universe remained shrouded in secrecy. Now scientists have found out that the explosion of the universe happen anyway.

The researchers were able to calculate the mass of the very spark of God. The results and allowed experts to predict end of the world, who come to our planet. According to calculations by the researchers, the mass of the spark is 126 GeV.

Joseph Liken, an American physicist who shared his predictions about the death of the universe, based on the theory of the existence of the Higgs boson particle, at the annual meeting of the American Association in Boston.

The calculations of scientists point to the apparent instability of the universe. Joseph Liken presented information that the universe over the next few billion years of the collapse of the Higgs boson. And this massive disaster, according to physics, is inevitable.

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