Lyrids meteor shower will light up the sky on April 21-22


Meteor shower, which appears annually in the sky to reach this weekend its peak, but observe a bright show this year can not all amateur astronomers.

Living in the dark parts of the Earth, amateur astronomers, will witness Lyrids meteor shower in the evening of April 21 and the morning of April 22. But the light is present in these days of almost full moon in the night sky is likely to be a hindrance to observations of the heavenly view.

Best of all Lyrids meteor shower will be visible at dawn on April 22, according to the representatives of the Space Telescope Science Institute (USA). "Moonlight this year will be an obstacle to meaningful observation, but in areas located far from the lights of the big cities can be seen in the sky up to 20 meteors per hour."

Phenomena such as meteor showers result from the Earth passing through a lot of space debris that remained from orbiting the Sun periodic comets. When the atmosphere of our planet consists of these particles are discarded by comets, they are burned by drawing with bright streaks in the sky.

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