Double star discovered more and more powerful than the Sun is 300 times


Telescope "Hubble" to help the U.S. space agency specialists NASA make another startling discovery: Astronomers have discovered the largest double star in the universe, the mass of which, according to experts, the mass of Earth’s sun is about 300 times.

Is a double star with the name of R144 in space in the outer area of the region 30 Doradus, which is located near the Large Magellanic Cloud. The space object belongs to a class of Wolf-Rayet stars. It has a relatively high luminosity and high temperature, and moreover characterized by a powerful X-ray radiation.

Meanwhile, the most striking thing is that the star is bigger our light almost 200-300 times.

According to American astronomers, it is possible that in this area may be several more giant stars.

It should be noted in conclusion that the observed star of epic proportions is by far the most tremendous object in the universe of those that have been discovered earlier.

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