The brightest gamma-ray burst recorded by Russian scientists


Astronomers from Russia managed to hold the first observation of the brightest gamma-ray burst in the last five years.

This enigmatic astrophysical phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts is a short-lived sporadic outbreaks of cosmic gamma rays that come from the depths of the universe from different directions. Gamma-ray bursts were recorded for the first time in years 1964-1970 by American satellites series "Vela", the purpose of which is to record above-ground nuclear tests conducted in the Soviet Union. The source of gamma-ray bursts are supernova explosions that are in distant galaxies.

NASA in 2004 for the detection of gamma-ray bursts into orbit observatory "Swift", which is a gamma-ray telescope BAT provides tracking nearly all gamma-ray bursts. Recently, the "Swift" recorded outbreak in 07.47 GMT (11.47 MSK), which received the identification number of GRB 130427A.

Researchers from the Institute of Space Research and the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the MV Keldysh Academy of Sciences held a first optical observations of gamma-ray burst with a 0.45-meter automated telescope observatory ISON-NM, which is located in the United States.

"The brightness of the afterglow of gamma-ray burst through 139 seconds after the start reached 11th magnitude, making it a very bright flash in the optical range, which was registered in March 2008. Then flash GRB 080319B reached a magnitude of 5.7. Afterglow Flash gradually becomes weaker, but will occur within a few tens of days, "- said one of the researchers. Galaxy, where is the source of gamma-ray burst, according to scientists, is located at a distance from Earth 4.37 billion light years.

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