Russia raised the price of shipping the Americans into space


NASA has concluded a contract with Russia for another $ 424 million to deliver American astronauts into space. The head of the U.S. space agency has laid the blame for the increased costs to the Congress.

NASA announced the terms of his new contract with the Russian Space Agency on Tuesday.

Under the agreement, the price per seat will be $ 70.6 million, whereas previously it was $ 65 million or $ 8 million less.

Russia is currently the only country that can get people to the space station and back, so the price increases with each subsequent contract.

Several U.S. companies are developing new rockets and spacecraft.

"The fault of a significant reduction in funding that was supposed to produce in accordance with the President’s plan, we can not make the U.S. launches of up to 2017", - said the head of NASA, Charles Bolden, a former shuttle commander.

The Americans had hoped to develop a private space delivery system by 2015, but due to the failure of Congress to fully fund the program, there was a delay.

After the closure of the shuttle program in July 2011, NASA gives its astronauts to the station by the Unions.

He said that if Congress does not support the request for funds in 2014, the time will be even greater.


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