Water appears in the bowels of the Earth and Moon from a single source


Analysis of the isotopic composition of the samples brought to Earth "Apollo" from the deep lunar mantle, allowed planetary scientists to conclude that they contain water molecules and come from the same source as the water molecules that are in the matter of the Earth. And this source appear to be asteroids. Detailed description of the study published in the journal Science.

Moon was formed, as scientists believe, as a result of the collision of protoplanetary bodies Teyi with the "germ" of the Earth. The result was the release of a collision in the space of two bodies of matter - Teyi and proto-Earth, from which subsequently created the Moon. This cataclysm was considered to be the reason for the lack of water in its interior and on its surface. This hypothesis in February 2012 has been questioned, after scientists found in igneous rocks of the moon in the water unexpectedly high concentrations.

A group of American astrogeologov led by Eric Hoyri (Erik Hauri) of the Carnegie Institution of Washington unveiled another argument refuting the classical theory of the formation of the natural satellite of our planet by doing the analysis of the isotopic composition of the mantle rocks of the Moon. Hoyri and his colleagues in 2011 made the discovery, discovering within the inclusions of magma in the earth satellite water, but to collect all the necessary data on the isotopic composition of it took two additional years of study.

By counting the number of inclusions of deuterium ions and protons in the samples of lunar soil with an ion mass spectrometer, the researchers calculated the expected proportion of these substances in Tiye. In lunar rocks that turned out deuterium was not enough, and the proportion of the substance was identical to the values that are characteristic of the Earth, and the asteroid-chondrites, which marked the formation of the first few days after the appearance of the solar system.

This indicates that, according to the scientists that the water present on Earth and on the Moon was formed due to the same source, and since the formation of isotopes of their relationship has changed. When Theia and Earth collided, it was to cause evaporation of its water reserves, as well as to a number of major changes in the isotopic composition. However, this did not happen. This fact is even more forced astronomers to question the classical theory of the formation of the Moon.

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