The astronauts conducted an emergency spacewalk due to a leak on the ISS


Mysterious coolant leak at the International Space Station has forced two astronauts to unplanned spacewalk on Saturday, in order to find the source of ammonia "snowflakes", which appeared as early as Thursday.

Spacewalk, which was 168 during the existence of the space station, is unique in the history of the station: the first astronauts hastily conducted repairs, discovered on Thursday leak in the cooling system. When an emergency situation began to deteriorate, NASA has decided to hold an unscheduled spacewalk.

Loss of ammonia resulted in an emergency stop of one of the eight power systems that generate electricity for the plant. However, the leak poses no danger to the station and the astronauts.

Astronauts Cassidy and Marshbern have replaced the pump, which is one of the possible causes of leakage.

After that, they some time "sunbathing" on the Sun to remove ammonia from their space suits, which can be dangerous if swallowed station.

It is unclear how effective the change was produced. Observations in the next few weeks will answer this question.

On Monday, Marshbern, Chris Hadfield and Roman Romanenko will return to Earth on the apparatus Union. Place the planned landing - southern Kazakhstan. Three new astronauts will travel to the station May 28, joining the three astronauts on board the station.


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