An asteroid the size of 2.7 km is rushing to Earth


Specialists space agency NASA reported that on the night of June 1 of the current year will fly near Earth asteroid the size of about 2.7 km. The surface of our planet’s vast celestial body, code-named, will not touch, because the trajectory of the asteroid will be at a distance of about 5.8 million km from Earth. It will, according to experts, the closest planet to the convergence of cosmic object of this size in the past 200 years.

Secure in the knowledge that the Earth asteroid will not cause any harm, scientists nevertheless prepared for the appearance of the space visitor. They intend to perform radar sensing asteroid, wanting to get any information about its shape, chemical composition, and orbit. This data will help experts determine the origin of the asteroid, which in future will allow them to predict the possible movement of the huge 1998 QE2.

Body Space Larger than nine times the cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 was inaugurated members of the American project LINEAR, launched August 19, 1998. The purpose of the project - find asteroids.

Asteroid 1998 QE2, as mentioned above, do not carry any threat to Earth. Then the asteroid 1999 RQ36K really causing concern among scientists of the American space agency. This celestial body in mind a possible collision with our planet in 2182 represents a potential threat to the Earth.

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