Comet Holmes can be seen without a telescope!


Usually comets are like barely visible vague circles in the night sky. To see the comet, you need a good star chart or a telescope that can independently detect the object and turn in his direction.

This week, you can observe the real comet with the naked eye! Last week, a very dim and distant comet Holmes (17P/Holmes) suddenly broke out and became brighter than a million times in just a few hours. Comet swelled and changed in color, enthralled observers around the world.

The photo shows the approximate size of the comet compared to Jupiter.

And now the instruction how you can see the comet Holmes.

Take a look at the North-east. You should see something like the letter "W" - the constellation Cassiopeia. At a distance of one and a half hands the right is the brightest star in the constellation Perseus.

You probably will not be able to consider all of the stars in the constellation Perseus, but the right ones - Mirfak - should be quite clearly visible. She notes the top of the triangle, about the size of your thumb at arm’s length. The lower-left corner of the triangle is the very comet 17P/Holmes!

Comet can still be considered for this or next week. Visit the news portal, argue, argue, prove.


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