The Japanese firm will turn the moon into a giant solar power plant


Japanese design firm The Shimizu Corporation, offered the most wide-ranging plan for obtaining solar energy in the history of mankind. Their ambitious plan is to build a belt of solar panels around the equator of the moon, the length of which would be 6,800 miles (11,000 kilometers). The collected energy is converted into microwaves and lasers directed to the ground where these rays are converted back to electricity Earthly power plants. Concept of the Lunar Rings, according to the company, will be able to meet the energy needs of humanity.

The company Shimizu, expects widespread use of robots in the works on the construction of the Lunar Rings. They will be operated remotely from Earth, performing the same tasks as surface leveling and assembly of machinery and equipment - that will be done in space before landing on the moon. The robots will assist the team of astronauts.

For the realization of the project will require a large number of solar panels and other materials, so Shimizu offers as much as possible to use the resources of the Moon. For example, the company plans to manufacture water by reduction of lunar soil hydrogen imported from Earth. Of lunar materials can produce a cementing substance and concrete, and the processing of these materials heat of the sun, will create the bricks, glass and other building materials needed for the project.

Initially, the width of the Lunar ring, will be only a few miles away, but it can be expanded up to 400 kilometers. The electricity generated by the solar panels will be transmitted by electric cables on the transmission stations, which will be located on the near side of the Moon to us, which is always facing the Earth. When converting electrical energy into microwaves, and laser beams, they will be directed antennas 20 km in diameter, as a beam towards the Earth receivers. The navigation beacon will follow the accuracy of energy transfer. Then, the energy is converted back to electricity and let the network lines or converted to hydrogen for storage or use as fuel.

One of the biggest benefits of the project Lunar Ring, is the lack of atmosphere on the moon, and this means that there is no bad weather or clouds, which can reduce the efficiency of generating electricity with solar panels. Therefore, Lunar Ring will produce clean energy 24 hours a day, which in the future could end the era of human use of limited natural resources. Hot news, science and technology, the only first-hand.


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