Is there life on Mars? Yes - meet the experts


Researchers at the department of natural resources, the National Research Council of Canada, found that bacteria feeding on methane can survive in a fairly unique waters on Axel Heiberg Island in the far north of Canada. Dr. Lyle White (Lyle Whyte), McGill University microbiologist explains that the water source, called Lost Hammer, support microbial life, it is these waters may resemble the waters of Mars’ past or present, and that, consequently, they also there are conditions for life.

The water temperature is below zero so salty that it does not freeze despite the cold, and so there’s no oxygen. But, nevertheless, there are large bubbles of methane, which come to the surface. The curiosity of researchers led the way in which the gas is formed geologically or biologically and whether the life in sverhsolenoy water and temperatures below zero. "We were surprised that we did not find bacteria metanicheskogo origin, which produce methane source in Lost Hammer

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