NASA tests lunar habitation in the Antarctic


The concept of an inflatable module housing for the life of astronauts on the moon has long been developed in NASA. And now, the agency has decided to test his creation in harsh Antarctic conditions.

Antarctica with his searing cold, wind, rugged terrain and isolation from the civilized world is best suited for this kind of experiments. Experiment with inflatable house for astronauts last year and will show whether such housing can withstand the harsh lunar environment.

The prototype design, developed by ILC Dover, was assembled on Wednesday for a final check for the last time before the upcoming trial, which runs until February 2009.

The program is NASA’s Constellation Program involves the landing of astronauts on the moon by 2020. After a preliminary investigation on the terrain, the astronauts will have to build the lunar module for long-term residential stay on the surface of the moon. The main criteria for the design of these shelters for astronauts on the moon, are the powerful protection of people from exposure to the outside and easy to carry and install.

To deliver on the moon pound payload to over 50 pounds of equipment and fuel. Therefore, the structure housing should be as light as possible. Developed a prototype of an inflatable is reusable and requires only four men to build the design for four hours. This will expand the residential unit at the remote location of the landing site.

Floor area of the module is about 120 square meters, the height of the ceiling at the highest point is about 2 and a half meters. The modern design of the module is well isolated from the outside world, electrified and creates within itself the normal pressure for human life.

At the time of the experiment in the Antarctic in the module installed special sensors whose testimony will be transmitted to the data center vital signs inside and outside the home, on the basis of which will be made conclusions about the effectiveness of the design. Attention, download news ticker and learn everything first.


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