Want to live longer? Get a friends


Physical education, and smoking cessation were considered important steps on the way to a long, healthy life, but modern research suggests another potential trick: to extend the life-span - obzavedites friends.

The results show that people with strong social relationships increase their chances of living a longer life-span of time by 50%, the researchers said. This is tantamount to giving up smoking, and has the same beneficial effects, such as physical activity, reducing the possibility of an early death.

The study’s findings emphasize how really important friendship and how beneficial it is to our health - researchers say.

"I think that this is a compelling case showing that public relations should be considered quite seriously in terms of reducing the risk of early death" - said study researcher Julian Hot Lansted (Julianne Holt-Lunstad), a psychologist at the University (Brigham Young University) in Utah.

The study of public relations.

Scientists have operated on 148 studies that examined the relationship between social relationships and mortality. The study involved more than 308,000 participants are followed for 7.5 years.

The studies covered a study of social relations in various situations. In some cases, just look at the size of the social environment of man: whether they had married or not. In other cases, evaluated the relationship of people to public life, revealing their perceptions of others, for example, whether they can feel yourself in the place of another. In the third looked at how people behave in their efforts to integrate into the society.

In general, high performance, indicating a strong public relations, directly influenced the increase in the chance to live longer. The results have been carried out regardless of the person’s age, gender, health status and cause of death.

In general, studies that take into account more than one aspect of human relations (for example, the size of their social environment and how to integrate people in this environment), gave a more plausible projections of mortality than those who rated only one aspect (for example, lives whether a person is married or not).

Why is useful to have friends?

Our relationships can affect our health in various ways - Hot Lansted said. For example, they can help us cope with stress, and hence with its terrible consequence - death.

"In our life, we are often faced with potentially stressful events and situations, and if we know that we have the people on whom we can count on, then we can dodge these situations, or even to take it less challenging, as we know, that we can monitor the situation, "- says the Hot Lansted. "But even been in a state of stress, our relationships can help us deal with it." Our friendship can promote healthy behavior (and unhealthy), which has a direct impact on welfare. For example, our friends could assist us to eat better, exercise, sleep more, or more likely to visit a doctor, says Hot Lansted.

Public relations - said Hot Lansted undoubtedly bring meaning to our lives and be able to influence the way that we take better care of themselves or were at lower risk of fatal dangers.

Research suggests that such relationships are important to public health in the long term, so the medical staff can recommend and promote the improvement of public relations - the researchers say. Staff in hospitals and clinics will be able to try to involve their patients in the maintenance of public relations during the treatment and recovery of patients - the scientists said.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M.Gonchar

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