Scientists have reported the discovery of the sixth largest river in the world at the bottom of the Black Sea


At the bottom of the Black Sea discovered the river, 350 times greater than the River Thames. Underwater river channels are the same as in the rivers on the surface of the earth.

Underwater river depth in some places reaches 35 meters, has rapids and waterfalls that adds to her resemblance to its terrestrial equivalents.

If the river flowed on earth, according to scientists, it would be the sixth, the number of flowing water in it, a river in the world.

The nutrients that come from the river, support life at great depths. It explains how living things survive on such a great depth.

Scientists from the University of Leeds, has mobilized for the first time a robotic submarine to study a deep-lying channel, found at the bottom of the sea.

They found the river, with the extremely salty water flowing along the deep channel, deep in the Black Sea. As well as on land, underwater river has banks and floodplains.

Dr. Dan Parsons School of the University of the land and the environment, said: "The water flowing through the channel denser than the surrounding seawater because it is salty and carries with it sediment.

"It flows down the sea shelf, leaked to the depths of the sea, like a river on land. Surface to a depth of the ocean like the desert, but these channels can deliver nutrients and ingredients needed to sustain life in these deserts."

"Therefore, they are vital arteries of the ocean, through which in deep water can support life."

Dr. Parsons found that the river flows on the Black Sea at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour, with every second over the channel flows 22,000 cubic meters of water is 350 times the amount of water flowing over the River Thames, and 10 times the amount of water flowing through the Rhine (the largest river in Europe).

According to Dr. Parsons, this information will be useful to oil companies, which will be drilled in the flow of the river.

Original: Telegraph

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