Pastel bedbugs bites: what you need to know


Small harmful insects recently had put his head in his insatiable Empire State Building, cinemas, theaters, airplanes, apartments, clothing shops, hotel rooms and even in the Google office in Manhattan. Businesses are now spending thousands of dollars on special equipment and sniffer-dogs, recognizing bugs, trying to exterminate these bloodsucking parasites.

It is not surprising because their bites cause itching is unbearable, and the human desire to get rid of pests can cause it to use extreme measures. A criminal investigation into the arson was recently filed against a man who doused his bed cologne and set on fire in an attempt to get rid of pests.

"It can push people to extremes" - said entomologist Jody Gengolf-Kaufman, an expert on insects at Cornell University in New York. "In addition to the majority of people who suffer from bugs, have trouble sleeping because they do not want to get bitten."

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about insect bites:

What are bed bugs bites look like?

Bites are small, red and itching point, but they can occur in each individual differently.

People can see small red bumps the next morning after having been bitten, but who can also occur during the day or week later.

"Most people in this country have never been bitten by bedbugs, so that the reaction is not always like mosquito bites" - said Jody Gengolf-Kaufman. "A lot of people do not react to them."

"That was a major factor in the spread of insects" - she said. "There are many people who are not aware of bedbug infestation, because they do not experience any discomfort."

Insects tend to bite exposed areas of skin, such as the hands, neck, face or feet. This makes it different from insect bites flea bites that may appear throughout the body, even in areas under their clothes.

Is it possible to be bitten only during sleep or at rest?

Not necessarily lie or be at rest, to be bitten, but because insects usually begin actively busy in the evening - this is a trick of nature - that sleeping people most susceptible to the attack of bedbugs, as explained Jody Gengolf-Kaufman. Nevertheless, it is known that insects bite people even when they are standing or even at work.

How to distinguish bedbug bites from other types of insect bites?

It is difficult to distinguish bedbug bites from other insect bites, as there is no difference in the manifestation of their skin. However, with the help of a small sniffer dogs you will probably find out what type of pest that has left bite.

"If it is - winter, and you’re staying at the hotel, found the footprints, similar to mosquito bites, then definitely it will bring you to the thought of bedbugs, as in the winter no mosquitoes" - said Jody Gengolf-Kaufman.

Mosquito and bug bites are often the same, as explained by an expert, but if the majority of people have a reaction to the bite of a mosquito that bites bedbugs do not react all.

Is it possible to prevent the bedbugs bite indoors, where they are hiding?

As yet there is no spray or lotion which can be used to repel biting insects in the case of contamination of the room. But it is possible to escape with the help of physical barriers, unless pests have not yet settled in your mattress or bed.

Make your bed an island, pushing her against the wall, and make sure that the bedding does not touch the floor. Next, place the bowl of water under each foot of the bed to prevent the penetration of bed bugs in your mattress.

Can I get in the event of a bite?

Insects of this type associated with the transmission of any human disease. However, the bite can leave an open wound on the skin, which can become infected when you cheshites.

At present there is no known connection between until the bedbugs bites and bacterial infections, such as methicillin-resistant stafillokokk aureus, spreads through any open wound on the body.

Cosmetic cream containing hydrocortisone or substance protivogistaminnoe help relieve itching from bedbug bites, according to the Mayo Clinic information.

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