30 reasons why a person could not have come from monkeys


Scientists at the zoo nursery "Noah’s Ark" in the UK presented by about 30 reasons why people could not have come from monkeys. Such an idea is not surprising from the supporters of the ideas of the creation of the world God. But students should be sure to visit a place which alarmed some educators. Kennel zoo "Noah’s Ark", near Bristol, recently received the award in the form of a "seal of quality" from the Council for outdoor learning (Council for Learning Outside the Classroom).

President of the Council, who supported the decision, said: "the important goal of school learning enables children and young people to express and develop their assumptions and different points of view in the process of learning." This is a pedagogical tactic known as "teaching through discussion," but no discussion on the topic of "the theory of evolution," as scientists say, can not be. The theory of evolution is valid, one of the hard and important theories in all of science, and any debate among scientists about excluded.

Scientists nursery zoo "Noah’s Ark" refer to the "faith" in order to explain the evolution of Darwin. Scientists are looking for evidence in the ancient scriptures, in the comparisons of DNA and in other areas of research, to conclude that the theory of evolution is still in development and that both people and monkeys are our common ancestors. They suggest that the discrepancies in the evidence of the ancient scriptures require faith to join together with the evolution of Darwin’s theory.

Nursery workers are of the opinion that the earth is not 4.5 billion years, according to science, and only a few thousand years old, and that humans coexisted with dinosaurs yet. "We believe that the Earth is much more than 6,000 years old, but considerably less than the 4.5 billion" - they say.

Kennel also sow doubts about evolution in relation to other manifestations of life and thinking, for example, that a lot of its diversity and complexity could not have arisen as a result of evolution. "This process is actually very well documented and proven by scientists" - the researchers kennel - "but there is no mention of the creator, which is unacceptable." "The investigators note the presence of the creator in every cell and every bone, but no one dares to confirm the obvious fact of his existence."

The theory of creation of the world God began to penetrate into the classrooms in the United States during recent years. A recent analysis found that 12% of biology teachers in secondary schools preach the idea of a God of peace, despite the recent bans courts.

Here’s what the experts think about the teaching of the theory of the existence of creation: "Proponents of the method ’of teaching through discussion’ tend to assure us that it is - the purpose of education, in order to allow the children to learn to think for themselves, but we need to tell them and the things that are not true. And if the child leaves school, thinking that people did not evolve from monkeys, is not it, that the education system is gone? "

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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