( - Article in any case does not encourage drug use. It is available only describe this natural drug, methods of application, as well as the negative consequences that may result from its use.

Marijuana - is a narcotic drug contained in hemp. In the most marijuana contained even smaller psychoactive substances called kannabiodami. The most powerful narcotic effect has kannabiod Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As you know, the world’s proizrostaet many varieties of cannabis, but most of all kannabiodov in grades cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Colloquially known as marijuana or cannabis plant itself the parts that contain the most kannabiodov-blossoms, the upper leaves and flowers.

Narcotic effect of marijuana is known to mankind since ancient times. It is often used as a healing agent. About the psychoactive qualities of hemp Europeans barely knew, though it was grown massively (mainly for fabric).

Only in a country like India, people have long known that smoking marijuana brings euphoria and appreciated her for it. Now marijuana raspostranen around the world and is the most popular illegal drugs.

For narcotic effect, marijuana can be smoked or taken as food. The latter method is very specific and not very popular. Most fans of the substance smoked marijuana in dried form. Cannabis plant itself heterogeneous in content kannabiodov. Most of them are located in the extract konopli.On called hashish and consists of many elements - the hemp resin fine particles of flowers, pollen, etc..

For ease of use of cannabis is often pressed into small blocks or blocks that vaguely resemble kozinaki. Cannabis can be as it is, and smoking. In addition, quite a few kannabiodov contained in the flowers of cannabis, its inflorescences and young hemp leaves. It is these parts of the plant in dried form is often referred to as marijuana. In other parts of the hemp (the stems and lower leaves) kannabiodov a bit and they have a pretty weak narcotic effect.

As marijuana action on the human organism, it interacts with cells of the cerebral cortex, in particular nerve, causing a calm and relaxed state of man after its application.

The effect occurs immediately after smoking and lasts for two to three hours. As a result, long-term marijuana smoking may purchase psychological (but not physical!) Dependence, as well as some changes in the nervous system - the psychoses, the emergence of anxiety, apathy and depression in a person’s character traits. Only the first news portal tells about the events of the day.

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