Halloween: set a new record for the largest pumpkin


New world record for a huge pumpkin this year marked the feast of Halloween or All Saints’ Day in Minnesota. First place at the Harvest Festival in Minnesota got a pumpkin, vesivshey more than 1,810 feet, which broke the record last year, pumpkins weighing 85 pounds.

For pumpkin enthusiast, Chris Stevenson of Wisconsin, a contractor who grew this record-breaker, the giant pumpkin is both a work of art, and product development of amateur science.

This super pumpkin has also attracted the attention of university scientists that help growers to better understand how their pumpkins grow so big and make it grow even more.

Giant pumpkin involved in the show at festivals across the country, originate from the Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds, first patented in 1979 by Howard Dill, who set a world record in 1980 by growing a pumpkin weighing 459 pounds. Today, the giant pumpkins usually weigh more than a thousand pounds and grown in the "golden zone" that stretches across southern Canada and the northern United States.

Loading one of these monstrous pumpkins in the pickup to be sent to a local fair has become a truly complicated ritual of using the fixing brackets, pulleys, and prayers. After evaluating the pumpkin usually put the house on the front porch, in the casino or in the kitchens, which use them to prepare food for the poor. Some people even cut from their boats.

The size of the giant pumpkins growing from year to year, partly due to genetic changes obtained by selective cultivation. For decades, people grow a pumpkin, changed the size of the fruit, changing the seeds and other traditional methods of farming, which used about a thousand years ago.

Plant breeders have crossed the biggest pumpkin, which can be obtained from the seeds of the size of a peach pit valued at $ 850, with each other, allowing nature to improve them for generations. This is called selective breeding artificial breeding, the term established by Charles Darwin, and is similar to the process that occurs in nature. Giant pumpkins grow hundreds of times faster than an ordinary pumpkin. They can reach an average of 20-40 pounds in one day, and about 60 pounds a day under the right growing conditions.

To engineer David Hough, assistant Dzhordzhskom Institute of Technology in Atlanta who has done research on how the shape and size of the shell of plants and animals, these fruits are a biological mystery. Pumpkins small size usually have spherical shape. But giant pumpkins have irregular shapes, lopsided, and their length is twice the width.

The unusual shape of pumpkins suggests that the fetus is formed not only by gravity, expelling him down, but also the internal forces affecting the growth of the length of the pumpkin. Pumpkin expands sideways as a result of faster cell division in these areas.

However, other scholars argue that this kind of a giant pumpkin is very rare. But no one can predict exactly how large can grow a pumpkin. Some growers think that pumpkin size is limited by their genetics, and others - the number of days during the growing season.

One thing is certain: to present to the public this giant masterpiece need a large truck.

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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