Top of animals with the most horrific appearance


In addition to the monstrous fish-dragon, bizarre and funny bats axolotl (or water dragons), here are a few more creations with the most intimidating appearance that walk, fly or swim in the world.

Naked mole rats

African naked mole rats live underground and never come to the surface. They are blind, hairless, with giant protruding teeth and from the unpleasant smell. Despite its unpleasant appearance, these cold-blooded mammals are very harmless by nature and rarely show aggression toward humans.

The two-headed turtle

This is a rare example of a conjoined twin turtle. Two-headed red-eared turtle nicknamed Laymerik and she lives in a kennel Aquarium Captain Nemo Norritona East, in the state of Pennsylvania. The store manager has acquired a creation from a collector of exotic turtles in 2007. Despite the fact that the turtle is swimming a little awkward, she, according to the owner, feels great.

Bat with a wrinkled face

This bat from Central America look very old, even as an infant. But in fact, the wrinkles are a useful part of her anatomy - these are the results of a recent study. Obviously, complex grooves and folds around the nostrils have a value of animal sonar echoes to create a scene.


The animal with the name Ai-ai or rukonozhka too surprising their appearance. But unfortunately, appearance, given the nature of these lemurs with ears of bats, played against them in their native Madagascar. Unsightly appearance of these creatures is considered a bad omen for many of the local residents of the island, so they kill them on sight. This animal, named Quintana, who was born in the Garden of England in Bristol Zoo.


This fierce animal lives deep in search of food in the dark depths of the ocean, so that the canines help the fish to capture prey. Even the language of the fish teeth are like razor.


Home to these newts is only two lakes in central Mexico. But since one of these lakes drained, and the other is badly polluted, the amount axolotl is reduced significantly from year to year and the species is in danger of extinction. Because of their specific ability to regenerate parts of their body, they are known as research tools used in experimental laboratories. Here, the green fluorescent protein lights axolotl under blue light.

The fruit bat with a tubular nose

Despite the fact that this nice guy, very resourceful, his appearance, reminiscent of the mountaineer, carries some ominous aspect because of the gaze and the horns on his head. Type bat was detected in Papua New Guinea and to scientists plays an important role in seed dispersal in the forest.

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