7 paradoxes that will put you in a deadlock


The definition of the word "paradox" is somewhat blurry, but more often under this understanding is a true statement that is contrary to intuition. Some have addressed, some are not. Here are 7 paradoxes that you can not solve.

1. The dilemma of a crocodile

Crocodile steals the son of his father, and promises to return the child if the father can correctly guess whether the crocodile returns the child. What happens if the father will say that the child will not be returned?

Solution: No solution. If you leave the baby crocodile, he breaks a rule, as it coincides with the prediction of his father. If the crocodile returns the child, he will break the rule, because the father makes a mistake.

2. Free agency

If God is omnipotent and know that we will do even before it has created us, how can we have free will?

Solution: This paradox is solved if we assume that God is outside of time - he knows the future just like the past and the present. The future does not affect the freedom of choice, as well as the past.

3. Grandfather Paradox

A man goes back in time and kill your grandfather before he fathered a child. This means that one of the parents of a time traveler will not be born, and therefore he did not see the light. And can not go back in time to kill his grandfather. Thus, the grandfather is alive, and a time traveler was born, back in time and kill his grandfather.

The solution: the moment when the traveler changes something in the past, there is a parallel universe. This corresponds to the quantum mechanics.

4. The paradox of the heap of sand

A pile of sand is composed of one million grains of sand. If you take away one grain of sand, it will still be a lot. If you take away one more, it will still heap. If we continue to clean up one grain of sand, until there is a grain of sand - that is if it’s still a heap?

Solution: need to set a fixed limit. If we accept the agreement, according to which 10,000 grains of sand - it’s a lot, then all that is less than this - there will be a bunch. But it seems not justified to make a distinction between 9,999 and 10,001 grains of sand. Then you can extend the decision, saying that there is a border, but it is not necessarily known.

5. The paradox of omnipotence

Can God create something that He can not lift? If he is able to create something that will not be able to raise, it means that he is not omnipotent. If he can not create something that can not lift, and in this case he is not omnipotent.

Solution: The most common answer is that if God is all-powerful, the "can not lift" does not make sense. Other responses, the matter is taken as a contradiction, like the "squaring the circle".

6. The paradox of Epimenides

In the poem, Epimenides wrote: "The Cretans - always lying, wicked and lazy like animals". But Epimenides himself was a Cretan. If Epimenides - liar, then his statement, "All Cretans always lie", is false. This means that all Cretans are truthful and Epimenides statement - the truth. The paradox is stuck in an infinite loop.

Solution: If Epimenides knew of at least one Cretan (other than yourself) who is not a liar, his statement - false (as he talked about all of them), even if it correctly describes him as a liar.

7. The paradox of an irresistible force

What happens when an irresistible force meets along the way real estate asset? If the force moves the object, then it is not real estate. If the force can not cope, it is not invincible.

Solution: This situation will never happen, because if there is an irresistible force, there can not be real estate asset (the reverse is also true). Moreover - immovable object can not exist in principle. Immovable object must have infinite inertia, and therefore infinite mass. Infinite mass can not exist in our universe has a limit, which means that real estate asset is not possible.

Original: Urbantitan

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