How to prepare for childbirth expectant fathers


A new study found that men who frightened the upcoming birth of his pregnant halves, better able to cope with their fears by attending courses to prepare for the birth.

The researcher Malin Bergstrom (Malin Bergstrom) from the Swedish Medical School said that out of 80 men diagnosed maieusiophobia or intense fear of childbirth who were attending classes in preparation for childbirth, 18% felt terrible birth experience. However, for 39% of frightened expectant fathers who did not attend such courses, the situation was more terrible.

"The practical training in a relaxed atmosphere, perhaps, would have been very useful" - said Bergstrom news MyHealthNewsDaily. "In addition knowledge of clear guidelines for future fathers can help their mates do the right thing necessary for the successful completion of the transmission and delivery."

Previous studies have found that men experience maieusiophobia from the fact that they are helpless, while their partners are affected. And having mastered certain knowledge that they will be able to support the new mother, they will feel less helpless.

Bergstrom surveyed 762 expectant fathers about their feelings when their partners were in the middle of the pregnancy. The responses showed that about 11% of men suffer from maieusiophobia.

In the United States, training courses for delivery by Lamaze technique is visited by millions of women and their partners. Ferdinand Lamaze technique - a form of preparation for childbirth, which teaches the parents of proper breathing techniques and relaxation, as well as other techniques during labor and after their completion.

Bergstrom noted that very little research has focused on men, fearful of childbirth, but her observations as a psychologist, this category of men are very common. Psychologists say that these men are often overlooked because usually do not talk about their fears.

Her study also found that men experiencing maieusiophobia, had higher levels of general anxiety during pregnancy, their partners, and lower confidence in the fact that they can become good fathers.

A similar fear experienced partner and one of the fathers of the three. Bergstrom stressed that these troubled couples are "particularly vulnerable group," and that one partner can cause your anxiety and panic alarm another, ignoring the training preparation for childbirth.

"I think our culture does not pay enough attention to the future parents and fully focuses on the baby" - Bergstrom said. She added that this situation can also cause physical effects, contributing to the development of higher levels of stress hormones circulating in the mother during labor, which can reduce blood flow to her organs.

"When both parents are affected," - said Bergstorm - "then they find it difficult to support each other and help to cope with fear."

Original: Myhealthnewsdaily Translation: M. Potter

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