Shark attack on tourists in Egypt continues


The German woman was killed in an attack on her shark during shnorkelinga on the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheykn, reported by the official representatives. Prior to this fatal accident, four more people have been exposed to a similar attack on a resort in the earlier period.

Authorities reopened the area for swimming after reported that caught sharks attacking people. Representatives say they are baffled regular attack and consider it necessary to consult with marine biologists.

Egyptian authorities fear an adverse impact on shark attacks Touristic popular worldwide resort and water sports center. Egyptian representatives reported that the death of an elderly German woman came immediately after the attack, in which she was rumored to be bitten by the arm and in the thigh.

After the first attacks last week, which injured three Russian and Ukrainian, on the orders of the Ministry of Environment had been caught and killed by two white sharks, and their photos were presented to the public.

Nearby coast were reopened by the authorities, it is considered that there is no longer any threat to tourists.

But the staff of conservation organizations and animal divers, comparing the photograph attacking shark, made shortly before one of the previous attacks, said it was not the same animal.

Now all the resorts beach closed again for water sports, with the exception of Ras Mohammed, nature, secure in the south of the city, reported by the AFP news agency in Egypt Tourism Minister Zuhair Garana.

"We called in the aid of marine biologists from abroad to assess the situation and to find out what are the changes related to the biological nature" - he said, referring to regular shark attacks, which some experts consider unusual.

"It’s not natural. This has never happened before," - he added. "We have no explanation."

According to sources, the International Union of Conservation of Nature and news agencies mystery animal is as follows:

"There may reach 4 m in length, but usually does not exceed the size of the form 3m;

"One of the most common species of sharks that live throughout the ocean in tropical and subtropical waters;

"Shark attack in the open ocean areas of coastal waters are extremely rare;

"But it is believed that these sharks are more likely to attack humans than other species because of the fact that the waters are passengers who survived a shipwreck and plane crashes;

"Big shark fins are highly valued in the international trade, so the population of sharks has dropped significantly due to falling fish stocks;

"Because of the steep decrease in the number of species in recent decades, the oceanic white shark is already classified nature conservation experts as" vulnerable "species.

Experts on sharks and local observers have proposed a number of possible explanations for the attacks. Some say that over-fishing in the Red Sea could bring sharks closer to shore.

Meanwhile, some believe that sharks could sail after the Australian vessel carrying a sheep and cattle for sacrifice for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha and thrown off the animal carcasses that have died during transport.

Dive Pierce Kohli, who has lived in Sharm el-Sheykn seven years, according to BBC News, the BBC, that sharks do not usually appear at this time of year.

"We can see them during the summer months. Same - a rare event. Last week, we saw more of them than in the past years," - he said.

"A couple of weeks ago the Australian cargo ship dumped dead sheep carcasses that floated off the coast. Authorities are trying to determine whether there is in this connection to the attacks of predators."

"Another reason that has long been concerned about - illegal fishing. In Sharm el-Sheykne have a national park, but some Bedouins there illegally caught fish for sale. Thus, it is not enough for the victims of sharks. Fears are that if there is not enough the number of fish, sharks will then look for other alternatives for food. "

Translation: M. Potter

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