Australia will celebrate white Christmas


Snow that fell in Australia on Monday, December 19 gave the people of the country the opportunity to experience the charm of a snowy white Christmas. Expected hot, summer December weather, typical of the area, it was replaced by gusts of icy wind and snow that came with the cyclone of the Southern Ocean.

Snow was in the eastern part of the coastal states of New South Wales and Victoria and covered ski resorts - some of them usually no snow this time of year - snow drifts reaching a height of 10 centimeters.

"Everything was white around" - told news agency AFP Lovius Michelle (Michelle Lovius), general manager of the Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel Charlotte at the pass.

"The first thing this morning, you could see this peaceful landscape, where all around was still and covered with a thick layer of white snow."

Lovious noted that this amount of snow is very unusual for early December because, as a rule, this period is the peak flowering field plants in the mountainous region of New South Wales.

"We hope that this cold weather will last for five days and we will be able to celebrate white Christmas" - she added.

"It was like a white bedspread that looks nice this time of year. People took to the streets in Santa Claus hats and took pictures with the snow" - said the speaker Maureen Giron (Maureen Gearon) Australian news agency AAP.

Early in the morning on Monday strong gusts of cold wind swept across Sydney, where the temperature dropped to 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit), and decreased to 9, 8 degrees Celsius in the western part of the city, while the winds have increased up to 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles). Such were the predictions for most of the coastal states.

Quite a different picture was on the west coast of Australia, where the worst flooding in 50 years, all the isolated town of Carnarvon, located 900 kilometers north of Perth.

Experts in the field of Meteorology said that Australia is quite unusual to observe the eastern states in early December, the cool weather and the cold wind brought by the cyclone of the Southern Oceans.

"Gladio snow lying along the high peaks of New South Wales and Victoria for several years - it’s out of the ordinary phenomenon," - said the meteorologist and climatologist Grant Baird (Grant Beard) in its communication AFP.

Giron agreed that over the past years, snow playgrounds Victoria "alternated sunny days and days that are suitable for skiing."

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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