Animals have feelings?


People often consider the manifestation of feelings of animals such actions as, for example, vacant look of a polar bear in a zoo, suggesting that he is sad, or look out lobya dog who knocked over a bucket of garbage and expresses so ashamed. But scientists have not yet been identified, it really means something to these people peculiar expression. Among other things, it is very difficult to study the canine mind.

Scientists believe that in the brains of people there are certain cells, called stem cells that are responsible for human social behavior and the interaction between thoughts and feelings. Numerous studies found that in the brain chimpanzees, dolphins and whales also have spindle cells. Although these animals can act like humans, the presence of these cells in them means that the animals have feelings.

After all, even the animals who have no spindle cells, for example, dogs have demonstrated behavior that has a social character and value, similar to that inherent in man. In recent experiments revealed that the dogs know that, following the direction of the index finger of a person, they will find food. Scientists report that it shows that dogs are sensitive to human social action and are able to correctly interpret them. Yet the evidence that dogs know how to find food, does not mean that they have feelings.

Observations of the monkeys have also shown that their behavior was noted by various impulses that are inherent in human behavior. In some experiments, the chimps even showed what appeared to be altruism - helping as representatives of their own and other species without expectation of reward. In nature, mother chimpanzees mourn their dead babies in a few weeks, showing a kind of sadness.

Other experiments have dissipate any doubt as to what the animal’s behavior may be subject to the senses. In the latest study, researchers from Barnard College, studied the behavior of dogs in order to determine whether they are related "guilty look" with bad behavior. Dogs lured a tasty treat that is forbidden by their owners, they are. Owning a dog was not allowed to see whether they complied with pets or eaten team offered a treat, but they were informed about the actions of the dogs in their absence, they were able to scold unruly animals. As noted below, was a guilty look at those dogs who really have disobeyed the host.

This illustrates the difficulty in accurate interpretation of the possibilities of animal behavior as a way of expressing feelings, characteristic of a person. Guilty look means that a person feels a sense of guilt, but it does not mean that the dog had something like this happens, according to research by Barnard. Similarly, the behavior of expressing mourning or sympathy - it’s not really mean that these feelings are present in the brains of animals.

From a scientific point of view, kind, funny enough to believe that your dog is smiling because she’s happy to see you.

Original: Lifeslittlemysteries Translation: M. Potter

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