Created genetically modified fish, which grows almost twice as fast as normal


Immediately after his appearance became the cause of heated debate, a genetically modified salmon, developed in Canada, could be the first genetically modified animal to be allowed to sell as a food product, and is named one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 according to Time Magazine.

American biotech company AquaBounty Technologies Inc. created genetically-modified (GM) salmon, which has been nicknamed Frankenryboy. May soon be authorized to sell it in the United States.

AquaBounty GM plans to produce eggs on Prince Edward Island, and then sent it to Panama, where it will be grown and processed fish.

The company is seeking permission to sell the salmon to the United States in the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (USA). If they are given the green light, the salmon, called AquAdvantage, will be the first genetically modified animal to be allowed to sell to people.

AquaBounty - a modified Atlantic salmon that grows faster, thanks to the addition of fish Chinook salmon growth hormone and introducing genetic material eel-like eelpout, which can survive even in extremely cold water. Development was carried out by researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

"The problem is that the salmon unprofitable to grow. To grow a kilogram of salmon, you need to spend almost three kilograms of feed." "AquAdvantage grows twice as fast, making it cost-effective."

Lucy Sharratt of the organization Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, said that the fish threatens the health of consumers and is a "serious threat" to the wild fish, in case of contact with GM salmon in wildlife.

"We conducted an analysis of the market, and it showed that consumers do not want GM salmon."

The survey conducted in September showed that 78 percent of adults in the U.S. do not want to sale the GM salmon, and only 16 percent in favor.

A group of 12 organizations, including Greenpeace, has sent a letter to President Barack Obama and the management of the Food and Drug Administration, with the requirement to produce a scrupulous study and assess the impact on the environment before making a final decision.

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