Birds fall from sky again, this time in Louisiana


Officials of the United States reported the second case this week of unexplained mass deaths of birds. At this time, the dead birds were found in the southern U.S., in the state of Louisiana.

Unknown incident was the reason that some 500 birds were found dead in the parish of Pointe Coupee Parish. This told Olivia Watkins (Olivia Watkins) from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries fishery in Louisiana.

Vitkins said it carried out the study, during which try to determine the cause of deaths that happen again just days after thousands of birds were found dead in neighboring Arkansas.

"We sent samples to a lab in Missouri and are looking forward to getting results," - she said.

Nancy Ledbetter (Nancy Ledbetter) of the organization of Game & Fish Commission, Arkansas reported that officials in the state awaiting the results of research to find the cause of the death of 5,000 blackbirds in the small town of Beebe, and 80000-100000 dead fish found in the Arkansas River near 160 kilometers from the coast. "We still do not believe that the incident with the dead fish and birds somehow related to each other" - she added.

The official said earlier that one of the possible reasons for this failure could be a commotion frightened birds shot up into the darkness of fireworks to celebrate the New Year. As you know, blackbirds have poor night vision and can be killed after a collision with houses, trees and other funky birds. According to official sources, obtained from Arkansas, prior research has not shown any signs of disease in the dead birds and that they died as a result of "acute physical trauma." Two dozen of them had head injuries, neck, beak or back.

About 50 dead birds were found near power lines, located 30 or 40 feet from Louisiana Highway 1. About a quarter of a mile below, was discovered a second group of 400 or more birds that lay across the highway.

Kristol, Dan (Dan Cristol), a biology professor and founder of the Research Institute of bird behavior in the College of William & Mary, said the Louisiana birds may have been ill or frightened and driven from their perches, and then hit the wires of power lines. "They usually do not sit on power lines without a cause" - he said.

In Beebe, people celebrating the New Year, we had to clean up the mess, collecting the dead bloody blackbirds. Some have speculated that the cause of the tragedy was bad weather. Others believe that one entangled bird could bring the whole pack of a fatal accident. There is even a funny view of schoolchildren about the birds committed mass suicide.

Officials did said that to ascertain the cause of the huge bird mortality will not succeed.

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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