Riddle: thousands of dead crabs covered the coast of England


A pile of dead crabs, which brought waves to the shores of England, sprawled along the rocky Thanet Coast (Thanet Coast) over the past few days, a phenomenon of which puzzled scientists say over the last several years.

"This is probably the remains mysterious phenomenon of the third year in a row," - said Tony Child (Tony Child), the head of "Thanet Coast", in its communication to LiveScience. According to the specialist about 25,000 velvet swimming crabs (Necora puber), invaded the coast this year, where there is a ferocious invasion of birds feeding on carcasses of dead animals.

Last year, about 40,000 crabs washed up on the shore of Thanet, which is a long coastline of the Cretaceous reef in Kent, England. In this year, also swam on shore starfish.

Corduroy, floating crab has bright red eyes and cover with fine hairs, giving it a velvety texture. Crabs, according to Childe, swim close to shore at this time of year, where they feed on algae.

Previously, scientists and environmental specialists performed numerous tests to check for the presence of crabs disease or other physiological problems that arise out of nothing. But Childe said that every year the mass death of crabs occurred after appearing on the banks of snow. Meltwater has helped to reduce coastal water temperatures, and, apparently, the cause of the mass death of crab has been associated with hypothermia (hypothermia).

"In fact, I do not know the exact cause of this phenomenon, but it seems this is due to the cold," - said the Child.

Reports of dead crabs, floating on the shore began to arrive before Christmas, but the "clogging" the shore just in the last few days. The crabs will remain on the shore, where they will feast on carcasses of poultry or otherwise decompose and go back to the system life cycle.

Mass mortality of crabs in common with other cases of bizarre deaths of animals, including thousands of blackbirds that reportedly fell from the sky in Arkansas on New Years Eve. By the assumption of experts noisy fireworks disoriented birds, and provoked their clash with the constructions.

Then, on Tuesday, about 500 birds were found dead in Louisiana. Also about the dead birds were reported in Sweden. In addition to the mass of birds dead fish were brought to shore by waves in several countries.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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