Biologists are saving fur seals placed under threat of extinction


Workers Wildlife Service recently rescued a two-month Mediterranean fur seal pup. This mammal belongs to a group of pinnipeds, and the detachment of prey belonging to the family of eared seals. It should be noted that this view is the view of fur seals, put most at risk of extinction in the world and one of the threat posed by marine mammals.

This saved the kid - one of only 600 animals that remain in the world of wild animals. A group of biologists from the Wildlife Service plan to release the animal fur seal colony, which is located in Greece.

Wildlife biologist Karamanlidis Alexandros (Alexandros Karamanlidis) said that the baby was very weak when researchers discovered it and that "its complete liberation will soon follow." The animal, which was named Nireas (Nireas), now feels well and recovers quickly.

A research team from the Society for Research and Protection of Navy Seals, noticed the baby on February 7 when checking colonies of sea lions, which is on the south-western island in the Aegean Sea.

"Two days later, baby fur seal began sounding the first signs of weakness, not playing in the water and do not react to human presence" - registered a conservationist in his journal.

Karamanlidis doctor, a scientist at the Research Society, told BBC News, the BBC, the animal was immediately transported to a rehabilitation center on the island (Alonissos) Alonissos.

"He was separated from his mother and was full of internal parasites" - he added.

"Now it is rapidly gaining weight and, if all goes according to plan, the baby will soon be released to freedom."

Fur seal is a valuable commercial species. Animal fur is of high quality and a very long time in great demand in the markets of foreign and domestic researchers say the human factor or human activity has caused the displacement of animals from the banks of the caves. This increased the likelihood of neonatal fur seals, to be thrown out of the caves of thunder storms and to be separated from their mothers, that dooms many kids to death.

Original: News Translation: M. Potter

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