The tsunami in Japan rocked the world


The tragedy that happened in Japan, moved by the whole world. Press is full of headlines and descriptions of the terrible events, headlines are filled with pictures depicting the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, reflecting and emphasizing the great degree of distress.

"A wall of water a height of about 10 meters, dirt and debris, moving at a speed of 100 meters per hour, swept away everything in its path," - says the Daily Mail.

Daily Telegraph writes that the earthquake and the subsequent flooding forced Japan to "fight for what to avoid a nuclear disaster." The newspaper reports that the cooling system of a nuclear reactor out of service after a severe shaking.

"Moored boats were torn from their seats and raced along the street on the waves of the tsunami that struck Japan on Friday," - reported the publication Sun. "They mingled with the institutions of cars and houses torn from the ground, some got into the flames, which arose as a result of damage to gas pipes exploded" - the newspaper writes.

"Hundreds of fires continued to burn throughout the day in the coastal town of Kesennuma (Kesennuma)" - Daily Mirow said.

"Cruise ship plunged into the water and four trains filled with passengers disappeared" - said in the Daily Star.

"Japan can not be accused of lack of preparation for earthquakes," - says the British office worker, referring to the message of the Times newspaper. But he points out that the earthquake happened on Friday was "the worst I have ever experienced." "The most terrible thing is that the shaking grew stronger and stronger, and it was not known when will it end" - he adds.

The teacher told the UK edition of the Daily Express: "The whole building is highly varied, and I thought that was the end."

Financial Times newspaper said that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have caused a huge blow, causing economic uncertainty and political unrest. But as the publication adds, the government’s response was calm and competent, organized evacuation and rapid mobilization of military forces.

A journalist from the Guardian newspaper notes that Prime Minister Naoto Kan (Naoto Kan) was faced with "a mountain of problems." Now, as the commentator added, above it hangs a huge debt, as the country needs stronger leadership than ever.

Original: BBC Translation: M. Potter

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