Dinosaur egg with embryo exhibited in the Russian Museum


Dinosaur egg, with well-preserved embryo exhibited in the Russian Museum. Scientists believe that it belonged to Ornithopoda who lived in an area known today as Mongolia, 100 million years ago.

It was put on display in the Museum of Nature Buryatia in Ulan-Ude, which is 5,000 kilometers east of Moscow.

"It is in relatively good condition and there may well contain an embryo, which is different in shape and color," - said the Minister of Culture of Buryatia in a statement. The story hit balls into a museum, was quite unusual.

The official representatives of Customs at the border with Mongolia, said that the relic seized the Pole in 2009.

The unnamed man, had intended to take the egg and mammoth tusks from Mongolia to Poland, but was intercepted.

X-ray of his car resulted in the discovery of paleontological fossils. The news media reported: "The Pole explained that his friend, also from Poland, gave him his personal belongings, so he took them."

According to his statement, he did not know what is in the boxes. Dino, who owns the egg, he lived on the territory known today as Mongolia, in the area where paleontologists have found fossil skeletons, often next to the eggs.

Original: Dailymail

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