The first person in the world who was born with an extra strand of DNA


A boy of two years was the only person in the world who diagnosed the presence of additional strands of DNA in the body. Unusual Alfie Clamp was born blind and with severe multiple disabilities, which forced doctors to carry out various tests and examinations.

As a result, they found that his seventh chromosome has an ’extra arm’ which has never before been reported anywhere in the world. Doctors baffled by such a disease that is so rare in nature that does not even have names. Doctors also do not have a clue about how to extend such a diagnosis or shorten the life of the baby.

Alfie from Nuneaton, a city located in the county of Warwickshire, now can see, but this month he will be operated on troubleshooting with the intestines caused by its unique disease. His parents Gemma and Richard Clamp discovered that their son is something wrong as soon as they brought the baby home from the hospital. A few days later, he was quickly sent to the hospital when the parents noticed that he had stopped breathing and his lips turned blue. Then, when the child was six weeks, doctors discovered he had a rare type of abnormality in the structure of DNA.

Mrs Clamp said: "When the doctors told us about the event, we are totally disheartened. Like all mums, I was carrying the baby nine months with thoughts of how to make my baby first steps, or he starts to clap her hands. Having such a Alfie as a child, you start to appreciate the small things. He could not turn up to 18 months, we were so happy when he learned it. "

Such a strange diagnosis was the reason that Holly had not seen until then, until he was three months, and his muscles were so weak, he could not own turn. The kid is still suffering serious disturbances in the digestive system, so it needs a daily cocktail of drugs to help the body to absorb the nutrients you need. He also suffers from seizures that manifest themselves in the form of high temperature and metabolic dysfunctions that prevent him to eat or drink.

Since Alfie was born, he was urgently hospitalized six times, including two in the last month, when he stopped breathing. His parents twice believed that their baby will die, and were amazed by Alfie full recovery after being named some time in the hospital. DNA analysis of Mr and Mrs Clamp, who also est10-year-old daughter Georgia is healthy, has shown that they are not carriers of the faulty gene. Mr Clamp said: "The doctors told us that we could not have done anything to prevent it. I do not think we will ever know why it happened.

"I held it in my hands and could see his eyes focused on me. This was a huge challenge for us because we did not know that it’s ever going to happen with us. We even had a picture where we see each other . Alfie has completely changed our life, everything revolves around him. But he is such a happy boy and he brought a lot of joy into our lives. Whenever we go to the hospital, all the doctors and nurses say they see Alfie - a pleasure. "

Original: Dailymail Translation: M. Potter

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