In the Czech Republic discovered the tomb of a transvestite Stone Age


Five thousand years after the death of the remains of the cave man, who apparently was a different sexual orientation, saw the white light. According to information from archaeologists, the man was buried in the ritual ceremony, which was used only at the burial of women, indicating a non-traditional sexual beliefs men. In addition, the skeleton was located facing east and surrounded by domestic utensils - rituals specific to the graves of women.

The remains of the last Stone Age people learned during excavations in the Czech Republic, dating from between 2,900 and 2,500 years, 25 century BC. e. Throughout this period, according to the tradition of men were buried lying on the right side, facing west, women also possessed lying on his left side and facing east.

In this mysterious case, a man was lying on the left side, facing west. Another reason to question the sexual orientation of the caveman was that men tended to be interred with weapons, hammers and flint knives as well as stocks of small portions of food and drink to accompany them to the other world.

Women were to be buried with ornaments in the form of necklaces made from teeth, pets, and copper earrings, as well as domestic jugs and clay pots in the shape of an egg, which were located near their feet. "Gay Caveman" was buried with an arsenal of kitchen utensils, not with weapons.

Archaeologists do not think it was a mistake or coincidence, referring to the great importance which was given burial rites and funeral processions during the period known as the era of increased production of pottery. "From history and ethnology, we know that the people of this period perceived the funeral rites very seriously so it is highly unlikely that this positioning was a mistake," - said the chief researcher Kamila Talkers Vesinova (Kamila Remisova Vesinova).

"Much more likely is that he was a man of a different sexual orientation, homosexual or transvestite. What we see here is not a supplement traditional cultural norms of that period." Oval container in the form of eggs are usually used at the burial of women, was also found at the feet of the skeleton.

Another member of the archaeological team, Katerina Semradova (Katerina Semradova), reported that her colleagues have seen a bit earlier case dating back to Mesolithic period of transition, where a female warrior was buried as a man.

She added that the scientists are also known historical fact that the Siberian shamans, or medicine men who were buried in the same way, but with a set of richer funeral accessories that match their high-ranking position in society.

"This is the oldest discovery does not apply to any of these cases. We believe that this is one of the earliest cases, evidence of dumping being a transvestite or third kind, whose tomb was found in the Czech Republic."

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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