Like ants survive the flood? They create a floater.


Scientists have figured out how the ants manage to avoid mass drownings in the rainforests. They cling to each other, forming a raft of their bodies.

This outstanding strategy was developed fire ants from South America, whose nests are regularly flooded.

Once the water starts to seep into their house, the ants get busy evacuating and drifting across the colony in search of a hill.

American scientists were able to demonstrate exactly how this is done can the ants.

After collecting fire ant colonies from roadsides of Atlanta, they conducted a series of experiments on water repellency, buoyancy, speed, and construction skills.

In some cases, the ants have created a living raft in a matter of minutes.

Ants which are based raft usually remain above water. But even if they fall into the water, then survive by air pockets under the surface of the raft has been reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To create a raft requires at least 100 ants. Thus, in the wild, such a structure may be afloat for weeks or even months.

It is believed that the ants feed on a raft provisions, including parts of other insects, which from time to seize the anthill.

Original: Dailymail

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