Scientists have discovered a new species of Cambodia blind and legless lizard


For the first time in Cambodia is registered and formally described in the scientific journal of discovery of a new type of reptile. One fellow Cambodian researcher Ning Thai (Neang Thy) thought at first that he found ordinary potting snake when he turned one log in cardamom Mountains and drew attention to the little creature like a worm trying to escape from the sudden light. The study found that the tiny diminutive reptile refers to a specific type of blind legless lizard.

"At first I thought this was a common type of reptile" - said the Thai, herpetologist who works in the Ministry of Environment and the International Society for the Protection of Fauna and Flora (FFI) - "but looking more closely, I realized that this was something unknown to me before . "

This mysterious reptile species has long remained unknown until the recent discovery there were no cases of blind detection of lizards living in Cambodia. View reptile eventually was named Mountain blind lizard Dalayskoy, Dibamus dalaiensis, after the mountain on which it is located.

Recent biological research in Cambodia ended with a mass of unusual discoveries of new species, ranging from carnivorous plants to the frog with green blood. "This latest discovery is particularly remarkable" - said Dr. Jenny Daltry (Jenny Daltry), a senior biologist at the organization FFI - "because it is not only a new look, but also the first reptile, the discovery of which was as formally described in the scientific journal compatriot Cambodia."

The process of describing and assigns the name of the new species is quite complex, and Thai studying this discipline during the study period at the University of La Sierra in the United States.

"For one of our colleagues detection and description of this unusual was a great success and has brought satisfaction in a difficult job" - said Barry Mulligan (Berry Mulligan), another researcher from the organization FFI Cambodia. "This shows that the ability of scientists Cambodia is now reaching the international standard."

Type is called Dibamus dalaiensis. Rhode Dibamus of 21 species of reptiles found in the Southeast Asia. Known in Thailand and Vietnam, race has not been seen previously in Cambodia, but it was expected that this will happen soon. These small lizards are blind and have no limbs (small hind limbs in the form of processes observed in males) and spend most of their lives underground.

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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